Equity Solutions
Formerly named ‘Adnales’ - A capitalization table management platform that allows companies and shareholders access to their financials and holdings of company stock.
Lead product designer (IC + management)
Product design, product management, engineering, business development, client relations
  • Founding designer & design lead, 0-1 & beyond
  • UX, UI, brand, system architecture, systems & pattern design
  • Research, user interviews, data synthesis
  • Design systems creation and contribution
  • Design team leadership and oversight
  • EPD partnerships, strategy, and planning
  • Design three unique and complex dashboards for holding management
  • Responsive web, iOS, Android
  • 100+ features and workflows
  • Feature prioritization, scope definition, discovery (no PM for first 8 months)
  • $4.7B raised and managed on ecosystem
  • 100+ clients signed to MVP 18 months post project start
  • Internal cap table migration 8 months post project start
  • Early stage startups (Series Seed, A, & B)
  • Company admin (founder, finance, accounting teams)
  • Company employee (equity and shareholder
  • Investors (shareholders)
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