Figure Investment Marketplace
A multi-dashboard investment platform for buying, selling, trading, and managing portfolios of alternative asset classes.
Director of product design (IC + manager)
Product design, product management, engineering, business development
  • Redesign of 2 multi-user dashboards, flows, and features
  • Revamping information architecture, UX, UI
  • Research, user interviews, data synthesis, systems design
  • Blockchain UX integration
  • Design team leadership and oversight
  • EPD partnerships, strategy, and planning
  • $4B capital raised on platform
  • 7X faster user sign-up and onboarding
  • 6X increase in user data upload
  • 6X growth in primary market issuers
  • XL flows, dead ends, poor UX and information architecture
  • Misuse of UI components,UI inconsistency, poor accessibility
  • Crippled sales pitches, unhappy stakeholders
  • Major user drop-off due to dead ends, poor info hierarchy, confusing terminologies, ux writing, and microcopy
  • Simplify complexity in flows, layout, architecture
  • Systematize UI component use and accessibility through strong Design System implementation
  • Increase user retention, task time to completion, and transaction volume on platform
Sneak Peak Designs
Research and Discovery